About Us
Shandong Shanchuan Fruit and Vegetable Food Co., Ltd. (formerly Zibo Shanchuan Fruit and Vegetable Food Co., Ltd.) was established in 2002. Located in Zhangjiapo Village of Zhangjiapo Town in Yiyuan County, it is situated in the Yi Mengshan hinterland, at the junction of Zibo, Weifang and Linyi, on the verge of Red Water River. There is no polluting enterprises around, with open ground, good environment, superior geographical position and pretty convenient traffic. The company occupies 35 mu, with a registered capital of 5.08 million yuan. It is a enterprise being mainly engaged in the processing and export of fruit, vegetables and other agricultural products. It has a large storehouse with a storage capacity of 15,000 tons as well as controlled atmosphere and cold wind at the same time. The company has 190 employees, including 38 technical personnel. Fruit of "Shanchuan Star" brand produced by the company are mainly exported to Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries as well as southern provinces and cities in China, such as Hong Kong, Macao, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Ganzhou, and Huizhou. It is the largest fruit export enterprise in Zibo. The company has won the honorary titles of "Zibo Top 100 Private Enterprises", "Zibo Agricultural Industrialization Municipal Leading Enterprise", " Zibo Forestry Industry Leading Enterprise", "Yiyuan Advanced Unit of Export", " Yiyuan Advanced Unit of Foreign Trade", "Yiyuan Outstanding Rural Professional and Technical Association", "Shandong Forestry Industry Leading Enterprise" and "Yiyuan Top Ten Agricultural Brands".
Since its inception, the company has positively responded to the superiors preferential agricultural policies, focused on increase in the income of the enterprise and the farmers, adhered to the development model of "company + association (base) + farmers", and developed more than 15,000 mu of orchard in Yiyuan County and the surrounding areas, of which 2000 mu of apple base, 1000 mu of grape base and 400 mu of pear base, which has been registered to the Shandong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. In 2012, 1067.7 mu of green Fuji apple production base was newly developed in Zhongliuquan Village and Xingwang Village. The company has specialized technical personnel in charge of the production material supply, technical guidance, supervision and other services in the base. In order to promote the construction of organic fruit base, enhance the powerful combination of "company + base + farmers", ensure the quality and safety of products and the increasing space of farmers’ income, increase the income of the farmers, and give full play to the leading role of leading enterprise, the company and farmers have signed long-term green food standardization base joint guarantee responsibility statement as well as production and sales contract. In the field of production management, the company sends professional and technical personnel to regularly conduct organic fruit production technology and business training for the farmers in the base. To alleviate the fruit growers’ burden of initial investment, on the one hand, the company allocates part of the funds to support 15 percent of the agricultural inputs and provide agricultural inputs (fruit bags, pesticides, fertilizers, etc.) needed in organic fruit production, and sends the person to be responsible for the use supervision of agricultural inputs during the entire process of production. Besides, the company also helps the infrastructure construction in the base, including hardening road transport, increasing bamboo fence and fence, and laying irrigation pipes and other ancillary facilities. It also equips the base with pesticide-speed measurement equipment, builds agricultural product quality safety monitoring station, and sets up 35 speed measurement points in the production base and a product quality inspection system, thus product testing goes throughout all the aspects of the production and storage. On the other hand, the company is responsible for the product quality certification, product quality safety sampling and final testing of the organic fruit, preferentially purchases fruit produced by farmers of the base, and exercises price protection by purchasing their fruit according to the price higher than current market, which providing a strong guarantee for the sales of their products as well as their revenues and mobilizing the local farmers' growing enthusiasm with preferential policies. In recent years, the company has led more than 10,000 households of base farmers, of which more than 5,000 households of export base. With the increase of more than 1,800 yuan per mu and more than 25 million yuan of base farmers' income, the company has played a positive role in promoting the city's agricultural industrialization structure adjustment, improving the degree of farmer organizations, and accelerating rural economic development and farmers' income.     www.4166com